Ozzy HouseBourne

Biografie:Ozzy Housebourne has come to the world at the age 3rd april of 1986 and grow up in the Netherlands. At the age of four, his dad introduces him to music instruments like playing piano and guitar. The guitar thing was unfortunately a miserable and continuously with playing piano. Thanks to his dad his music has grown all the way! His dj career begans at 16 years old in his hometown Arnhem. After that he was playing other clubs in Holland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, and Slowakya. He also spended longtime in Gran Canaria where he was playing every night at a famous club in city of Puerto Rico called "Club The Joker". The difference of his style of other djs behind the decks is his serious look and dance moves. Besides that he also makes great shuffeling and bumping dance moves on the music and making jokes with the people around him and specially with the crowd. His positive energy is always there. He is also famous at Turkish partys in Europe with his nephew called "The Ottomaniaks". Begin of 2012 he won from 40 fellows a dj contest as the best liveset called "100% Pure, Fire in the Disco" at of one of the biggest club in the east of Holland named "The Matrixx" He played next to big Techhouse artists like 2000 & One, Riva Starr, Kaiserdisco and Dj Madskillz. After this many clubs wanted this artist to play at there clubs. The music style of this artist are Techhouse but also Electro and EDM Progressive in the later hours. And soon he will bring new sounds to the ears and dance moves to this universe...